Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Empanaditas de manzana

How do you know you're loved? When you come home exhausted from work and you find this, sitting on your kitchen counter.

Empanaditas de manzana (apple and walnut pasties) made by Monica, who also looks after the dogs when I'm at work.  How sweet is that?

Update: Monica has posted the recipe here.


Wally B said...

I've just picked all the ingredients for this. Now to try the recipe.

kairu said...

Must try these!

I have a weekly cleaning lady; she doesn't leave me food but I still feel like Sara Crewe when I come home to find everything swept clean, fresh linens, sparkling kitchen. And various stuffed animals left in funny (and sometimes...rude) positions. What more could you ask for to lift the spirits?