Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dear Bongo, No

Bono wrote to Captain Beefheart asking to collaborate, & Beefheart sent back a letter that just said, "Dear Bongo, no."
Ah Wednesday. The spotted hot water bottle that keeps me company during these serial bouts of insomnia is fine underneath my knees unless I shift an inch and then she leaps from the bed, terrified.  She trots around the other side and hops in again. And so it goes, rather like a bad marital dance.

I told someone today that I filed for disillusionment, without a hint of irony.

But the darkest hour is always before dawn -- they would have you believe -- so we await the sun with nervous excitement.


LPC said...

It's not that predictable of a trajectory, I found. But it passes. It passes, it passes, and it can evolve into joy that surpasses understanding.

Katherine C. James said...


Allison Anders said...

Bongo! Hilarious! Love the Captain!

And Love you! XO

Seedy said...

Reading your blog is like coming home to a warm fire.