Monday, January 16, 2012

Lucian Freud's Dog Love

I've been thinking about Lucian Freud tonight, after seeing a photograph of him with a fox in his arms.  So many of his paintings featured dogs. He loved them. Which of course makes me admire him more. 
"The one thing I don't like about them," he says, "is what's called doglike devotion. Also, I have a hatred of habit and routine. And what dogs love is just that. They like regular everything, and I don't have regular anything. I have a timetable, but no routine."
I've reached the decidedly eccentric stage of my life where I dislike anyone who doesn't adore dogs (with one notable exception; and that's because she loves human beings more than anyone I know). 



Caroline, No. said...

Gorgeous. There's a fab tribute to him in this month's UK Vogue if you can pick it up out there. x

tedsmum said...

Beautiful paintings. I did not realise he painted so many dogs as I have only ever seen the odd one in an exhibition.And they reflect the humans perfectly. You are right: never sleep with a man who objects to a dog on the bed!

Eric said...

I don't love dogs. I do love cats. Dogs are okay as long as they don't lick me too much.

Do you still like me?

Insecurely Yours,