Sunday, March 11, 2012

love someone


Anonymous said...

Hello miss whistle, I am new to your blog but enjoyed it. I am sure you have had many messages and comments in recent months and I don't know you but I do log on each morning to see if there is a post. I always hope for you that it will be optimistic and full of spring. Times seem hard for you but I hope they move on. I am looking forward for you for your postings of new love and all that it brings, that madness, that impatience and intensity. Losing love must be that worst thing but with your joy and soul I am sure that if you want to find a new love there is a whole world of it waiting for you. In the meantime I will keep looking out for your good times and sending you positive messages of recovery and future happiness. I hope you can put back together your pieces- it doesn't matter if they are a bit out of shape. ps - if you are just not posting because you are really busy at work then please just ignore the utter rubbish above! I am never very good at reading people.

AQ: said...

I love Miss Whistle!