Sunday, August 19, 2012

At the Studio City Farmer's market

7.15 is a little too early to arrive, I know, but the temperatures were threatening to reach triple digits again. I watched as
the farmers set up their stands and then had the pick of the crop. If I had more hands I'd bring home more but my loot comprised: yellow peaches, a huge marrow, a sweet melon, four tiny butter lettuces, some powdery concord grapes, yellow lilies, lilac dahlias and those flowers that always reminded Cary of a funeral -- tuberoses. The scent is heavenly to me and maybe I made up for years of not having them in the house by bringing home three bunches. Today one of my oldest friends and his family arrive from England to stay with us for a week and I could not be happier. The house is full of flowers.


LPC said...

For me it was being able to buy paper towels if I wanted to, and not feel like eco-criminal.

carolina said...

Great piece..great pics...thank you