Sunday, December 30, 2012

10 wishes for 2013

How on earth did that happen? December 30? This evening comprises a house full of young adults, Lincoln, the white Pizza from Mulberry Street, a cold, cold night time walk with the dogs, tears with the ex on text (always text, never in person), the usual. Apart from wishing for world peace, a world where Republicans actually use their brains, and the desire for a raised consciousness everywhere, here are a few things that may make life better:

1. Understanding. A profound need for listening to and taking in other people's points of view.
2. More Yoga. Kundalini at Golden Bridge with Tej is pretty much bliss. Also, it helps the raised consciousness (and, as my friend points out, may get you out of kerfuffles.)
3. A swing. Preferably on a tree in the garden that flies out over the canyon on sunny mornings.
4. A tardis. For visiting England on Sundays for lunch, humor and a dose of down to earth normalcy.
5. A karoake machine. If we sang our hearts out for an hour a day would we be sad? No we would not.
6. More walking. Period.
7. Saying yes instead of no more often. To everything.
8. Kindness. Everything needs it.
9. Forgiveness. That and 10. are really everything. In the world. Campbell, Jung, etc, et al agree.
10. More lurve. It heartens me, this. You see, when I see my old friends on Facebook, the ones who were cynical, witty, slightly mean, clever, scary people at college and I realize that they've softened, that they post pictures of puppies and kittens and their babies, I realize there's hope for all of us. It's no longer cool to be a hater. You know?


LPC said...

You are without a doubt a keeper.

AQ: said...


materfamilias said...

This is a great list . . . on a great blog. I don't comment often, but at the end of the year, the beginning of a new one, I want to tell you how much I enjoy the footprints you leave along your path. Happy New Year!

Karen Albert said...

Lisa sent me your way and I look forward to more posts!

All the Best in the Year Ahead!
Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

Republicans do use their brains--it is the politicians of BOTH parties who choose to be re-elected rather than lead.

Anonymous said...

"Apart from wishing for...a world where Republicans actually use their brains...[I wish the world had more]1. Understanding. A profound need for listening to and taking in other people's points of view."

See how easy it is to break one's own resolution right off the bat? But you are not alone in your harsh judgement. I find it gets harder and harder to locate a place where understanding democrats and understanding replublicans is available to the non-partisan voter.


Kristien62 said...

My first visit to your blog and I will be back. Your list really spoke to me. Interesting that my intention for 2013 was to be less negative, self-defeating and snarky. It is so easy for me to offer a smart remark in order to get a chuckle, not thinking about the negative impact of that remark in the universe. So, I have a "Snark" jar and each time I use my words for negativity, I throw in a dime. As I go on, I may up the ante to a quarter. So far it is working. Only $.20 the jar from yesterday--but the year's still young.

A Farmer's Wife said...

I wish I had a tardis too.

I like your list. Lovely mix of the everyday and the profound.

Anonymous said...

A place where Republicans use their brains...doesn't seem to mesh with # 10...Coco

Miss Whistle said...

Dear Anonymous & dear Flo
It's very hard to impart humor and a dry sense of humor into a blog. I have many good friends who are Republicans and I hope they are chuckling. I was kidding. I am sorry that didn't come across! Happy new year! Still want to spread lurve from coast to coast!

xx Miss Whistle

Tania Kindersley said...

Lovely Miss W - Great list. I adore a list. You have inspired me to make my own. Oh, I do yearn for a Tardis too. Long to be able to pitch up on the West Coast, see my old friend S in Santa Monica (a good countrywoman, just like you), and come along to the canyon and meet the dear Spotteds. In the meantime, love from a suddenly mild Scotland. xx

Miss Whistle said...

@tania Who can we get to pioneer the making of a tardis. There must be some clever chap out there who is ready to go with the manufacturing. Mine will be red, perhaps, not blue, but I'm not too fussy.

Anonymous said...

"I was kidding."

Oh Miss Whistle, do forgive me, I am a grouch lately. And now off to figure out what "a tardis" is...


Anonymous said...

Dear misswhistle,

Thanks for answering on the Republican issue..I'm probably overly sensitive due to rude comments from lots of people..I don't care who believes what..just like all to be treated with respect:)

It is hard to "read" dry humor in a blog...I have lots of British friends who have a dry sense of humor..and are lots of anyway, I am apologizing for being overly sensitive..Coco