Saturday, December 22, 2012

Espionage: most excellent treasures

Angelenos: I am the worst last-minute shopper. I think I'm going to do it all online and even that I leave till the last minute. To be honest, I avoid.  But like all great procrastinators, I do rather enjoy Christmas shopping once I start. It was cold and dusky as I set out this afternoon in my woolen coat (a rare cold day -- coats are barely worn in Los Angeles) on the 7400 block of Beverly Boulevard which includes such great stores as Jonathan Wright, Garde, Diane Merrick, Thrive, even Rolling Greens, which is so fun at this time of the year. I was whistling Christmas songs (ding...dong...ding...dong) as is my wont and swinging my shopping bags as if I were in a musical.

But then I chanced upon Espionage.

The Espionage store, 7456 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles
Things I found there:
Pewter mare and foal salt and pepper shakers, antique crystal decanters, consignment dresses (Givenchy et al) & sparkly vintage finery, tiny, adorable 14k gold initial necklaces, tassled leather coin purses in silver, gold and leopard, Lollia scent, candles and creams, Kai body lotion, antique barware, old-fashioned glass paperweights, lovely paper notebooks, tiny leaf-shaped silver English candy dishes, Laguiole knives, Tokyomilk products, vintage art books, thorn-glass bowls.

image from Espionage

The treasures were plentiful: cards, books, candles, little bags, potions and creams and gloriously eccentric stuff. Rather perfect, I thought, for finding presents for people who are difficult to shop for.

The owner, Taylor King (who, I later discovered, was the beautiful woman who was cheerfully wrapping up all the little things I bought with a most excellent black tulle ribbon) has impeccable, whimsical and somewhat idiosyncratic taste. It is a pleasure to walk into a store that doesn't feel like every other store.

Taylor King (image via BlaBlaBlessYou)

I am loathe to give away my secrets, but this one is too good to be kept to myself.

More images here.


thelma said...

Enjoy your Christmas Miss Whistle, I never say much but always read you, following your journey through life and learning a little about America on the way X

Caroline, No. said...

I read the list of goodies you can buy there with shining eyes. Twice! Have a lovely Christmas. X

teamgloria said...


Having arrived yesterday from nyc (where snow flurries mean Lots of layers), it was weird to have breakfast with someone and see him put on a Coat to leave the house.

Never knew he owned one.

We never did when we lived here.

And now we are moving back, the dkny leather jacket and plethora of pashminas will just Have to Do.

Love your pix on instagram.

Waving towards laurel canyon from jerry's deli (chicken soup jetlag cure)