Wednesday, January 09, 2013

January Jeliciousness: Dishwasher Salmon

This is one of those beautiful English myths. Everyone knows someone who's made salmon in the dishwasher (or washing up machine as my mother calls it) but no-one can remember quite who, or quite how it tasted. My friend Charlotte, who I have know since I was about 11, and who is a very good cook, a trained cook, and whose mother, Lou, is also a Cordon Bleu cook (I first had beef olives  & the memorable "buggered buns" at their house), has given me this recipe and frankly, I trust her. In England, people always have Really Big Fish. There is an uncle who was fishing on the Spey, or a brother who caught a salmon on the Tweed, and what on earth are you going to do with it -- but there is never a small piece of salmon. No fillets. No steaks, just bloody huge fish. Therefore this is a great recipe. MsW

i believe this might be photo-shopped

Charlotte says: I never seem to be able to find a fish kettle when I need one and a lot of kitchens don't even have one! My fail-safe is poached salmon cooked in the dishwasher! Yes it really is. Just clean salmon well under ice cold running water (easy in the UK not so sure in LA) [I have disavowed her of this notion -- MsW] dry with kitchen paper and put lemon slices and any herbs you like (dill, marjoram etc..) in the cavity and then wrap very tightly in greaseproof paper; then two layers of tin foil. Make sure that the seams all face in the same direction and place in dishwasher rack so they face down. Put the machine on the hot cycle and off you go. DO NOT ADD SOAP.

Let the machine do the whole cycle including the drying.

Just serve with new potatoes, green salad and a delicious mayo/sauce of choice.

this is Charlotte with her dogs. couldn't resist

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