Monday, February 11, 2013


There are massive, verdant watercress beds in the wash in Hansen Dam.

watercress, willow & sky in Hansen Dam yesterday

I brought home a bunch.

my bunch of green loveliness

And washed it about four times.

washing in cold water makes it crunchier

Then turned it into a little salad with some tomato, avocado, olive oil, salt.

and that's some balsamic drizzle for effect!

And I found this waiting for me, by the front door, wrapped in pink grosgrain ribbon. A gift from a beloved girlfriend who lives on the other side of town. She read the Dinesen quote and the post, and decided that I needed some saltwater in my life.

sea salt soap, grosgrain ribbon, Norsk hat

This morning as I walk my dogs I realize that these are the things that make life worth while: a handful of wild watercress and a neat stack of saltwater soap.

Namaste, everyone. I hope your day is bountiful.

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Wally B said...

I used to be able to get fresh watercress here on the island, but the creek is now so clogged, it won't grow anymore. Your salad looks lovely.