Thursday, February 28, 2013

From The Monster Den

And the time sundials tell
May be minutes and hours. But it may just as well
Be seconds and sparkles, or seasons and flowers.
No, I don't think of time as just minutes and hours.
Time can be heartbeats, or bird songs, or miles,
Or waves on a beach, or ants in their files
(They do move like seconds—just watch their feet go:
Tick-tick-tick, like a clock). You'll learn as you grow
That whatever there is in a garden, the sun
Counts up on its dial. By the time it is done
Our sundial—or someone's— will certainly add
All the good things there are. Yes, and all of the bad.
And if anyone's here for the finish, the sun
Will have told him—by sundial—how well we have done.
How well we have done, or how badly. Alas,
That is a long thought. Let me hope we all pass.

-- John Ciardi

I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that I found John Ciardi from a quote on Ryan Seacrest's (yes, Ryan Seacrest) Twitter page that goes like this:

"The day will happen whether or not you get up."  - John Ciardi


Marcheline said...

Love this.

Miss Whistle said...

Marcheline, it's good isn't it? Surprising what lovely things come from unexpected sources, ie Ryan Seacrest x

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