Wednesday, February 06, 2013

George Harrison on Meditation

"I believe the thing I read in the Bible that said "Knock and the door will be opened." And it's true. If you want to know anything in this life you just have to knock on the door, whether that be physically on somebody else's door and ask them a question, or, which I was lucky to find, meditation; it's all within. If you think about it, the whole of creation is perfect. There is nothing that goes wrong with nature, only what man does, then it goes wrong, but we are made of that thing, the very essence of our being, of every atom in our body is made from this perfect knowledge, this perfect consciousness, but superimposed on that is the tidal wave of bullshit  that goes through the world. So we're being barraged by bullshit. But not only that, the way the world is structured, the way creation is structured we have duality which says yes/no, good/bad, loss/gain, birth/death and it's a circle you get trapped in, it's like the Memphis Blues again, and that's the hardest thing to understand. What is causing both of these things? What's causing day and night, good and bad? It's all the cause and this is the effect, so our physical being is really on a very subtle level like the sap in the tree and it runs through all the parts of the tree. Our bodies are manifesting into physical bodies, but the cause, the sap, is pure consciousness, pure awareness and that is perfect knowledge, but we have to tap into that to understand it." 

-- George Harrison

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