Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Misty Laurel Canyon

After declaring loudly yesterday to anyone who would listen that it was the first day of Spring and that we should listen to Ralph Vaughan Williams loudly (Lark Ascending), today brings grey mist and intimations of flu. My curly hair shimmering with water droplets we circumnavigated the hill and I thought about Shrove Tuesday (next week) and Lenten fasting. And fast we must, in as many ways as we can. Oh the summer and fruitful bounty cannot come fast enough.

(the most beautiful piece of music in the world)

Yogi Bhajan brings hopeful words in today's calendar posting:

"Creativity, when combined with physical movement, psychological concentration, and meditation, is very helpful. It balances the human energy and it gives strength to the radiant Body. This brings success and prosperity."

Have a very good day everyone. Satnam.


Marcheline said...

I've never heard this music before... sounds like good music to do yoga or Tai Chi to. I love the middle picture, with the wee dark doggie's ears poking up from the bottom of the frame. Feel better!

Miss Whistle said...

Marcheline, it's worth listening to the whole thing. Such bliss, all of it, and you can see the sky lark hovering...beautiful stuff. Thanks for your kindness. x MsW

Janelle said...

stunning piece of music. thanks for the reminder. we've just had glorious rain, taking away all the heat and the white relentless days. beautiful. matches the song! x j