Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Ring! ring! It's seven ayem. This is quite strange, for it is grey and yellow outside. (Skies/mimosa, but the birds are singing more robustly than usual.) I have woken up positively giddy as if the chemical make-up of my body has been changed. Suddenly there are only good things to look forward to: Easter with my brother, building an exciting new business, two graduations, Norway in the summer, dancing in the kitchen, and the book which is in my head, which Maria Semple has helped me with (psychically that is). Only good.

My spiky heart, Hansen Dam, March 2013

Today is the 19th of March. I wish you a similarly happy reveille.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post! Are you back in LA? Can we schedule coffee? Jenny

Lost in Provence said...

And to think that I woke up sleepyheaded and grumpy--shame on me! You gave me something to chew on with my morning toast...merci. :)

Susan Champlin said...

So glad for you—that's truly wonderful. It's so important to have things to work on, things to look forward to. How great about the 'exciting new business'! Would love to hear more.