Thursday, March 21, 2013

The days are getting longer

I am reminded by my mother who lives in a permanent state of optimism, contrary to her Scandinavian roots, that the days are getting longer and summer will soon be here. I marvel at the fact that during our self-involved lives, stuffed full of the minutiae we need to make ourselves feel relevant, the length of the days, the cycles of nature, the spring sounds of birds, become so important.  Yes, the days are getting longer, and in the mornings now, I throw open all the doors and windows to let the bird song in, and the yellow dust of the mimosa blossom. On the days when getting out of bed is difficult it is quite lovely to be reminded of these things. "Everything seems worse in the middle of the night" says my mamma, "Once you get up in the sunshine and reflect on all the good things that are happening to you, you will feel differently."

So I pass this on to you, dear reader; if you're struggling, let me share my wise-woman Mamma with you.

image: Sean Rubin

Also this: "That's the way the hare crumbles." Apparently a mash-up of an American and a Norwegian idiom.


MerrilyRow said...

"Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems." Rilke

Marcheline said...

I also have "middle of the night syndrome" (or whatever the fancy name for that is) and I can be up for hours worrying pointlessly about things I'm afraid of. As soon as the first ray of sun is visible, I fall fast asleep. That's usually when the alarm clock rings and I have to get up for work. 8-)

Love Rilke - thanks, MerrilyRow!