Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Silver: Love

It's been a while. My apologies. Between moving into a new office and graduations and the siren call of the summer soft fruit, I have not been attentive to MissWhistle.

But today, on the occasion of my 25th wedding anniversary, time should be marked. Not just the passing of time, but the realization that today, June 11, 2013, I woke up feeling for the first time in a long while, completely okay with not being married and not fearful of being alone. The sun was pouring in after a week of low-cloud mornings, and the birds were singing, and the plum tree is fat with fruit, so heavy that it's almost hitting the deck. Girls will be wearing white dresses and flower garlands soon in celebration of the solstice. It's summer!

Here is my teacher, the lovely Tej from Nine Treasures Yoga, speaking about transforming fear:

Get into a place where God's miracles can come to you. Pretty good, huh?

I wish you a day filled with love.

This is my favorite song on the Daft Punk album (audio only).

"Hold on. If love is the answer, you're home."

(Crazy funk guitar by Nile Rodgers...)


LPC said...

Well that is the best thing I've heard in absolutely ages.


AQ: said...

Love love love love love.

Marcheline said...

Sending love, and light, and peace in return for the enlightenment you share.