Monday, May 12, 2014

Mag•Pi : a treasure trove

There is something enormously appealing about Mag•Pi on Ventura Blvd (between Whitsett & Coldwater). I stood at the window on Saturday afternoon and swooned over red & white stripey t-shirts, French espadrilles, fuchsia & peony pink shawls. Today I went in to find a glorious line of dresses (simple, navy, grey, white, Japanese cotton), beautiful Roberta Roller Rabbit kurtas, a whole rack of crisp white cotton shirts. Beads, rose quartz bracelets, precious necklaces, candles and votive holders wrapped in flowered paper. A canasta set. A book on mutts. French lemonade and apricot jam. Doggy bookends. Wooden seagulls to hang from the ceiling. Rose gold cuffs from Giles & Co. Masses of colorful cotton handwoven shawls and little linen tassled handbags and little ceramic dishes with a bee in the corner. Lauren, the owner is a delight. I liked her immediately.

Even if you live on the Westside this is worth a visit. It's not just "Valley Good" as my friend Lynn likes to say, it's a real find.

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