Monday, October 06, 2014


It's seven o'clock in the evening in the canyon (the crickets tell me so) and I'm dog-tired. Gazonked. So tired that I must be getting sick. I'm going to crawl into bed at this old lady hour with some Gilmore Girls and sleep. I wonder what it is. I was supposed to go to yoga. I'm two weeks late on a proposal for a client. (Albeit a big and complicated one, it's eating me up inside. The research work is done but the writing of it is an impossible task).

And all is sweet and good in the world. Me & Mr England seem to be calm, pleasant, sweet, balanced, at one. Maybe it's the relief of wanting of something to work so badly for nearly a year and going through the almost bi-polar ups and downs of a long distance relationship (hideous for anyone, terrible for me) and finally now it's the calm after the storm. We found some common ground. I could cry with relief. I feel spent, battered, blistered and happy.

There is a very good tomato and pomegranate salad in the fridge, served at supper last night, a warm canyon evening with friends and pomegranates and green plums and the first of the gourds. It's Fall. And I'm gazonkered.

Dear God, help me sleep tonight and help me to wake up fresh and energetic and ready for what life brings. I want to do good work and feel grateful for what I have. (And my boy, my lovely lovely boy who is 24 comes home tomorrow for good after 6 years on the east coast, and that really is something to rejoice in).

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of October. What's happening in your world?

Much love,
a very tired, but quite happy,
Miss W xoxoxo

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LPC said...

I am so happy to hear that your eldest is coming home for good. What a wonderful, wonderful thing.