Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sarah Palin SNL: No longer funny

I do not like Sarah Palin and yet, this morning, I feel sorry for her. Her performance on Saturday Night Live, while adequately amusing and competent (she looked polished, professional, kept her cool) reminded me of a chained bear in a late nineteenth century Russian traveling circus. She gets to roar and paw the air menacingly while the audience ogles yet it's just faux bravado because the thick iron shackles are visible. The choice to go on the show to be roundly humiliated (Tina Fey has not minced her words in how she feels about McCain's choice of running mate) is either the result of enormous cajones or a jaw-dropping lack of self-awareness. The opening scene with Lorne Michaels was enough, but to watch her punch the air, hip-hop style, during the Amy Poehler Alaska-rap, complete with moose, the First Dude, and dancing Eskimos, made me cringe for her. It's enough, already. She was a horrible choice, she lies oddly, and is according to the LA Times, 'the most unqualified vice presidential nominee of a major party in living memory,' but I think it's time to start ignoring her and putting our efforts into fomenting the positive energy which surrounds Barack Obama.

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