Monday, January 31, 2011

More Sturtevant Falls

My friend L believes that if you follow the way of the Native American women, you can't go far wrong, so on an early morning hike to Sturtevant Falls in the San Gabriel Mountains -- still glistening in yesterday's rain -- she insisted that we stand underneath the 50 foot falls and pull the energy towards us while bending our knees like frogs and yelling "Waargh" (tongues out, in the Maori fashion) as loudly as possible. Our larynxes still haven't recovered and we walked back talking in our deeply sexy Marlene Dietrich voices while our bodies no doubt swirled with their new-found natural energy.  You don't have to follow suit, but I do suggest an early walk to a waterfall at the beginning of the week to starting the blood circulating.

From California & the spirit of the Native American women, I wish everyone an excellent, productive and creative week.

(As you can see, our spirituality carried through onto the audio track of the magnificent waterfall. Translation: "I tell you, if you're ever jonesing for a cigarette, you just do a couple of Waarghs and you'll be all right.")

From the 210 Freeway take the Santa Anita Ave exit and drive north (towards mountains) to Chantry Flat (about 6 miles).  This road becomes Santa Anita Canyon Rd.  Turn left on Chantry Flats Rd and park.

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Anonymous said...

Here! Here! Warugh!!!!