Friday, January 07, 2011

Quarry Bottom

Oliver Akers Douglas is an artist whose work intrigues me. I've discussed his work previously here and here and I'm not entirely convinced that nostalgia doesn't play a large part in what I love about his work. But I've learned that it is just churlish to question these things.

Quarry Bottom, 2009, oil on canvas, 38×44
For more information, click here.


suzannetannerchitwood said...

I love reading your B L O G! it's lovely. all of it . the art reviews, TS Elliott . I'm sorry I cant get to it everyday but it's always there when I have time to catch up. I think Quarry Bottom a gem (as well as I can tell in reproduction), easy to go into and unwind. Maybe that's the mountains of NC in my.
and by the way, I would love to even visit the Orkney Islands much less live ther for a year! feeding chickens or otherwise! lots of love~

That's Not My Age said...

Beautiful painting - I've never heard of this artist but I recognise an English quarry when I see one!

Thanks for the tip off and happy 2011.