Sunday, January 09, 2011

varying instagrams from sick week

Nurse Nightingale has taken over at Tianna Farms this week, but -- *it's miraculous!* -- I've still had time for my instagram photography.
On Sunday, my friend Patrick, who's 5, visited Middleranch because he's crazy about horses. Here he is patting Tuxedo, with his father, Harris.

That's the KCRW tower which hovers on the hill between Laurel and Coldwater Canyons, just off of Mulholland Drive. It was Wednesday and the sky was crazy beautiful.

Just a tree off of Mulhollnad, but covered in tiny leaves waiting to fall, resembling small birds.

Do you see the lone figure on to the left watching the sunset? This is Friday afternoon, after dropping my friend Lee -- whom I hadn't seen since I was 21 -- at Marina del Rey.

I escaped sick house for an hour yesterday afternoon to walk the (very happy, smiling) dogs.  Dotsie in Griffith Park, above the Old Zoo 1/8/11.

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Seedy said...

Such evocative images. You are a wonderful photographer.