Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Are you listening to Joe Biden?
I love him.
But, I'm thinking, maybe, he's a bit much??
It's being broadcast around our house, including the deck, so I think the whole canyon is listening.
It makes it hard for me to imagine what the argument is FOR John McCain. Republican readers: please weigh in here. I'm truly interested.


Anonymous said...

he's old. lol!

Anonymous said...

He's white!

Arlene said...
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Anonymous said...

Like Bush, there is no argument in favor of John Mccain -- unless you're a born again Christian (thus a reactionary social conservative), a corporate CEO looking for more corporate welfare, or a member of the so-called American aristocracy, who doesn't want his/her taxes or capital gains raised. Anybody else who votes for McCain is voting against their own self-interest.