Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lynchian moments

Jumby & I set the world right this morning on our early walk up Laurel Pass and down Mulholland to what I fondly refer to as Paparazzi Park. It was empty today, but for a few discarded beer cans and, rather strangely, a plastic pink vibrator which much have been tossed out of a passing car into the bushes. J insisted on taking pictures of it with my phone because it was too Lynchian to ignore. I rather like the clarity that comes with the post-dawn jaunt, with air in your lungs and a hoveringly optimistic pale blue sky, & a mind full of possibility. J is protective of me and the dog and makes sure we walk as close to the verge as we can so as not to be side-swiped by passing trucks and men in Hummers listening to Howard Stern.

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