Saturday, October 11, 2008

Election addiction with tea, two dogs & a teenage girl

Jumby needs to come back from Nashville, although I hear it's very pretty there, with the leaves changing and all. My bed has been taken over by two large dalmatians and a thirteen and a half year old girl who likes to wrassle with the dogs and teach the puppy canine gymnastics "Look! It's strengthening her core," she says, triumphantly, while holding all four of the dogs legs in the air, like a Paschal lamb or a recently slaughtered rabbit. The sun is flooding in from the west. Glorious post-Santa Ana shafts of light. I'm huddle into my corner, wrapped in the duvet, with my cup of tea, realizing that this election has given me an internet addiction. See the Times piece (aptly entitled "Too Much News?") here.

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