Wednesday, November 05, 2008

California's Prop 8

For many, last night's victory is bittersweet because 52% of California voters expressed their support of Prop 8 which proposes to ban gay marriage (thereby, as Gavin Newsome points out, alarmingly, changing the California constitution). As far as we have come, we have taken two steps back. Outside of the walled forts of liberalism that are West LA and San Francisco, there are many, many people who feel enormously threatened by gay unions. It is very sad. Listen to the NPR piece here. And read Andrew Sullivan here.

Tonight many of my friends are going down to San Vicente in West Hollywood to protest.

Good Dan's partner Eric has a great blog post about his disappointment here. And my friend K describes eloquently what her young son said to her on the way home from school:

I just walked home from school with my 8 year old. We live in LA and he shares his desk with a girl with "two moms" (his words). When we were talking about 8, he felt it was wrong that Ava's mom's can't marry and he asked who are the people who are "yes on 8". His take: "I think those people are scared that everyone will want to be gay but that's not how kids think. We think everyone should be who they are." We feel sad for the vote on 8 today ..... but I see hope in his words.

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