Saturday, June 06, 2009

Persian cuisine in Los Angeles

Excellent piece in the New York Times today on Persian food in Los Angeles, including a stunning review of Miss Whistle's personal favorite, Q Market:
And so I wanted to visit some Persian markets to stock my kitchen for further explorations: my guide recommended the markets in the Valley for their expansiveness and pricing. Few enthusiastic home cooks will be unmoved by a good Persian market, like Q Market in Van Nuys: the elegant butcher’s station, the countless flatbreads, the produce section piled high with citrus, pomegranates and, in spring, fuzzy green almonds, which are sprinkled with salt and eaten as a snack. There were bargain bags of pistachios, sour cherries and spices, not to mention the bottles and jars of syrups and preserves that round out the Persian pantry. (Pomegranate molasses is probably the Persian ingredient best known to mainstream cooks — it gives a lively, fruity tang to marinades and stews.)

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