Monday, January 11, 2010

Hillsides Home for Children

Forgive me for using this forum to answer a personal question, but many people have kindly asked about Big John's favorite charity so that they may make a donation in his name.  If you click on the link for Hillsides, on the right hand column, you can contribute by choosing "tribute/memorial gift".

Hillsides is an organization that advocates for children's rights, provides foster care for the most needy and abused children. Here is its mission statement:
Founded 95 years ago, HILLSIDES mission is to create safe places for children, strengthen families, provide special education; and advocate for children’s rights. This Southern California non profit creates safe places for children in its residential treatment program where children living in the group homes are in foster care or have been referred by the Department of Mental Health. While on our campus, they reside in a secure, stable environment which enables them to heal and rebuild trusting relationships with adults. 

Thank you.

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