Sunday, June 13, 2010

Reading at Beyond Baroque

Our fearless writing workshop -- Cathy Colman's "Tongue-in-Groove" -- read poetry, short stories and chunks of novels at Beyond Baroque last night. Despite pre-reading jittery bits, the short story I read ("Egghead") went down well, not that I was in any position to tell.  I was the "closer," the last to go, so I had a full hour and a half of feeling as if my tummy were about to explode. But lovely supportive friends made approving noises at me when I came back to my seat. 

This is Sarah & me prior to the reading.  Photo credit: Al Walton, poet extraordinaire.


Helena Halme said...

I hate reading in public; during my MA in Creative Writing I learned to sort of be able to do it, but still find it gruelling. Any tips on how to do it well?

Helena xx

LPC said...


Miss Whistle said...

Helena -- I'm afraid it makes me awfully nervous too, but as my friend Lucy tells everyone she meets, I used to LOVE reading in chapel while at school. So I suppose some of that might have rubbed off. Yoga breathing helps too :)

LPC - thank you!

Miss W x

AQ: said...

Miss Whistle's showing some leg! Looking good!!!!!