Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stoner Park

What I've seen in Stoner Park while finishing "The Bell Jar":
A man with two black German Shepherd mutts who has circumnavigated the baseball field seven times.
Schoolgirls playing tennis.
Three joggers.
Three mothers with strollers.
An actor learning a part and talking to an imaginary accomplice in the middle of the lawn.
A homeless gentleman lighting a doobie.
A leashed pug who growls at me while his be-rugged owner texts.
A family eating lunch under a tree.
A strange woman in a blue dress and pearls, who has kicked off her heels and is lying on a bright red Nebraska Huskers snuggie while shielding the sun from her eyes with her book.

"You look too dressed up for this place" says a woman in a pink fleece, "pearls and all."
"I know but isn't under a tree the best place to finish a book, rather than carpool line?" I say.
She nods. "It's beautiful here. This is our Indian Summer."


legend in his own lunchtime said...

Sand dunes are my favorite place to read, especially when no one is around.
I love your blog, especially the lovely photos.

Miss Whistle said...


Thank you for your VERY kind words. Sand is wonderful. And did you know, it's all connected?

Miss W xx