Saturday, November 06, 2010

drybar: a girly treat

This is a totally girly post.

I do not spoil myself when it comes to facials, massages, manicures, pedicures and all kinds of maintenance that perhaps I *should* be doing.  Certainly, my girlfriends that do such things look enormously fresh, bright even, youthful.  But, being a curly-haired girl, and having been a curly girl all my life, there is really nothing I love better than a good blow dry.  It utterly and completely changes my personality and my outlook on the world.

Today, as a treat, because Minky has been home sick all week, and I've been cooped up too, we took ourselves to the newly opened dry bar on Sunset Plaza, for a fabulous, girly blow-out.  Crystal and Alissandria did us proud, as is witnessed below:

The whole place is done in a fabulously chic lemon yellow and dark gray decor with white accents. The bar is white carrera marble. There are magazines, a menu, a glass of bubbly if you want it, cookies, swedish fish, a wide screen playing indulgent girly rom-coms (today "Sweet Home Alabama" with subtitles so you could watch above the din of the hairdryer).  The stylists are both talented and lovely, and we came out forty five minutes later for a sweet $35 each plus tip.

locations in west hollywood, brentwood, studio city
open 7 days a week


Mrs L. said...

Oh don't you girls look divine!!!

Deborah said...

Dear Miss Whistle

With the Aussie exchange rate so good right now, I'd be lining up at that salon like a shot... if it weren't for the kids and work, and Qantas groundings.

Thanks for signing up as a 'follower' - amazing... I'm chuffed. That makes three :o) I never expect anyone to be interested. I did a double-take, smiled and came over all shy! Yours is a hard act to follow.

Best regards