Saturday, October 08, 2011

Street Crossing

More from the 2011 Swedish Nobel Laureate:

Cold winds hit my eyes, and two or three suns
dance in the kaleidoscope of tears, as I cross
this street I know so well,
where the Greenland summer shines from snowpools.

The street's massive life swirls around me;
it remembers nothing and desires nothing.
Far under the traffic, deep in earth,
the unborn forest waits, still, for a thousand years.

It seems to me that the street can see me.
Its eyesight is so poor the sun itself
is a gray ball of yarn in black space.
But for a second I am lit. It sees me.

-- Tomas Tranströmer
(translated from the Swedish by Robert Bly)

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Clara Walmsley said...

Love this poem. I am so curious about this new Nobel Laureate. Had never heard of him !