Monday, July 14, 2014

No better place

There is no better place than this one -- Tjøme -- for jetlag. Minky & I are cozy in our little cabin, wrapped in fluffy duvets, nibbling on raisin cardamom buns. She's watching the OC. I'm reading Tropper. And the door is open. Outside there are seagulls and pale grey skies and dawn is imminent. I can see rowan and cherry trees, some juniper, insistent green against grey granite. And this smell. Of grass and salt and soap and cardamom. I love these little beds. I have slept in them since childhood. We dream here. Always. And eat shrimps and bread and red Norwegian strawberries and float in the cold, blue, embracing sea. All is well.

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Jane in SF said...

This is such a beautiful piece of writing. It reads like a poem.