Monday, August 25, 2014

Easy Peach/Tomato Gazpacho

I'm sitting at my desk with too much work to do to run out for lunch and listening to the birds while answering emails, and in the back of my mind lamenting that Autumn is close (my friend Andrew MacPherson, an incredible proper photographer, noted this on his Instagram feed this morning). There is real sadness about the onset of Fall. And so I made gazpacho with three overripe tomatoes and a peach. It's so easy. And it tastes of summer. And I'm cheered up.

3 heirlooms or other tomatoes (cut off the soft bits), roughly chopped
1 peach, roughly chopped
olive oil, one big glug
red wine vinegar, slightly smaller glug
few screws of pepper
a crumble of Maldon salt

put all the items in the Cuisinart/Kitchen Aid and whizz up
serve immediately with another sprinkle of salt and pepper (according to taste) and a little bit of hot red chili pepper.

1 comment:

Herbalgirl said...

This looks just gorgeous, though our tomatoes are a bit crap in London. I'm going to give it a go .