Sunday, October 26, 2014

here's a post script

"Sweetheart," says my ex-husband as I sniffle down the phone at him, "We love you. You are in a bad relationship. Which part of that don't you get?" I wish everyone had an ex-husband like mine.

I've eaten a fried egg sandwich and had a cup of tea and now I'm going to take my dogs for a hike in the mountains.

Thank you, everyone, for being there.


Anonymous said...

I don't know your ex-husband but he's right. You're in a bad relationship. Get out. The pain of the loss will be easier to recover from than the pain of the constant unknowing of the relationship. It will take time and it will be worth it. HIS LOSS, stop questioning yourself and be nice to yourself Do the right thing. All signs point to stop. xx

Anonymous said...

Seems to me to be so sad and wrong that he is an ex-husband.

Anonymous said...

i just read this after saying the same in previous comment! you should have less to do with him and perhaps you might feel less unhappy as he is obviously not making you feel good. perhaps you do not fit. he sounds like his own man.