Thursday, March 08, 2018


A magic thing happened yesterday. The sun came out, fluffy little fair weather clouds floated in blue skies, and the birds were singing as if their lives depended on it. The dogs didn't have to wear their coats, my sub-zero LLBean jacket stayed on the back of the kitchen door, and all around, after the snow, there were little tiny green signs of spring. Nothing lifts one's mood like that...and light until past six o'clock. It's worth it, isn't it? To live through the cold, damp, miserable days, to know about the perpetual spring Camus talks about. I feel lucky.


LPC said...

I realized that, petty as I am, I like spring least because I enjoy weather gloating. And places like England, New England, and the Midwest beat the California spring hands down.


Anonymous said...

It's funny. I had the same thought this morning but not the same conclusion. It's finally sunny, with warmth riding the wind and I am tempted to try a first day without my coat. But was that grey, cold, rainy last few months worth the excitement of today? I'm still not sure.

tedsmum said...

It was worth it. For a few moments each day the sun has warmth again, the daffodils are coming into bud along the hedgerow and the snowdrops persist, nodding in the breeze. The blackbird is feeding his mate, the robins are chasing one another around the garden and the bantams are laying again - Hoorah!