Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The dying moon

"Don Enrique says a full moon pulls up the highest tides of the month, at midday and midnight.  And it pulls them down to their lowest ebb when it is rising or setting.  So says a man in a frock coat and breeches who, if he tried to row a boat, would fall out instantly and drown. But Leandro said the same thing about the moon and high tide, so it might be true.

How can you know if the moon is going toward full, or disappearing?

This evening the moon was half, and Leandro said it's dying away.   You can tell because it's shaped like the letter C, not curved forward like D.  He says when the moon is D like Dios, it is growing to fill God's sky. When dying away it is C, like Cristo on the cross."

-- Barbara Kingolver, The Lacuna


legend in his own lunchtime said...

The full moon has a special place in my heart. My adopted Son's birth mother's(that's a mouthful)water broke with the pulling of the tide. I don't wait for his birthday to celebrate his coming, I just turn my face to the full moon and smile.

mot said...

Just exactly the bit from The Lacuna that I promised myself I would remember but knew I had forgotten. so ThankyouThankyouThankyou for this and for all the lovely things I have been finding on your wonderful bulging christmas stocking of a blog. I am full of admiration and slightly addicted.